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J.T. Eaton BA-16 Roach Killer
J.T. Eaton BA-16 Roach Killer, 16 oz Bottle, White, Crystalline Solid
Our Price: $4.59

With spray spout. Kill roaches, waterbugs, and palmetto bugs. Safe for use in homes, hotels, apartments, schools, mobile homes, restaurants, and warehouses. Special ingredients to prevent hardening in bottle.
Bonide 622 Ant Killer
Bonide 622 Ant Killer, 1 lb Bottle, White/Tan/Brown/Light Gray, Granular
Our Price: $4.79

Controls ants, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, crickets and more, up to 4 weeks. Use for household perimeter treatment applications and more. Contains: 0.25 percent Permethrin.
J.T. Eaton 360 Insect Killer
J.T. Eaton Answer 360 Insecticidal Dust, 16 oz Bottle, White, Solid
Our Price: $4.79

Effective control of roaches, Palmetto bugs, ants, silverfish, fleas and other insects. Long lasting. Processed from borax, a naturally occurring substance widely distributed in the environment. Effective even in small amounts.
Harris HRT-6 Roach Killer
Harris HRT-6 Roach Killer, 6 oz Box, White, Tablet
Our Price: $4.99

Roach killer tablets with added lure. Made with boric acid. Roaches take the boric acid back to the nest. Kills the entire population. Economical box contains over 100 tablets. Contains 99 percent boric acid.
Bonide 123 Insect Control
Bonide 123 Insect Control, 1 lb Bottle, White, Powder/Granular
Our Price: $4.99

Odorless, non-staining indoor insect control. Kills roaches, fleas, ants and silverfish. Can be used on carpets and upholstery. 99 percent boric acid.
Antmax EAMBS4 Ant Killer
Antmax EAMBS4 Ant Killer, Can, Brown, Solid
Our Price: $4.99

Use anywhere ants are a problem. Kills the queen and destroys the entire colony. Effective against a variety of household ants and fire ants.  Child resistant traps.
Hot Shot MaxAttrax 2030W Roach Killer
Hot Shot MaxAttrax 2030W Roach Killer, 1 lb, Straw, Tablet
Our Price: $5.69

Kills roaches in 24 hours. Exclusive attractant gets roaches to the bait fast, so they die fast. Kills also the eggs they carry. Lasts up to 3 months. Contains: 0.50% Chlorpyrifos.
Bonide Eight 784 Garden Insecticide
Bonide Eight 784 Garden Insecticide, 10 oz Bottle, Beige/Tan, Solid
Our Price: $5.69

Odorless, vegetable garden insecticide. Kills and repels virtually any insect pest common to home gardens. Also for Japanese beetles on roses and flowers. Colored green to blend with foliage. Main Active: Permethrin 0.125 percent.
Harris HRP-16 Roach Killer
Harris HRP-16 Roach Killer, 16 oz Bottle, White, Powder
Our Price: $6.99

Roaches carry the fine powder back to their nest. Kills the entire infestation. Easy to use applicator straw to apply powder into hard to reach areas. Contains 99 percent Boric acid powder with "Harris Special Lure".
Spectracide, Ant Shield HG-96274 Home Barrier Granule, 3 lb, Straw, Granular, Pyrethroid
Our Price: $6.99

Home barrier granules. Prevents ants from invading your home. Also stops spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks and more. Kills on contact. Long lasting up to 4 week control. Treats the average home twice. Contains: 0.25 percent Permethrin.
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